Are you worried about the safety of your children or loved ones running around the pool?

A stylish glass pool fence will help create a safe barrier between the pool and your loved. It should comply with all the legal requirements of the relevant council, safety codes and Australian standards of AS/NZS 2208:1996 and AS 1288-2006. Glass pool fencing in Adelaide, Seaton Glass is an expert in glass pool fence installation services. We serve homes as well as commercial properties with customized, high quality and aesthetic designs that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Our Glass Pool fences ensure:

  • Strong and durable glass
  • Safe and stylish layout
  • Complying with Australian standards
Adelaide Pool Fencing
Installing glass pool fences gives you unobstructed views of your swimming pool as compared to conventional pool fencing. Glass pool fences are visually striking while creating a safe swim environment. At Seaton Glass Adelaide, we use the latest glass manufacturing technologies to supply and install safe and long-lasting glasspool fencing solutions. We even supply optimum quality of pool fence materials like hinges and spigots. We thus provide expert guidance to help you build your glass swimming pool fence which are strong, safe and beautiful.

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