5 Mirror Ideas To Lighten Up Your Home

Mirrors are simple yet versatile as they solve so many purposes at a time. Consider your bathroom or your house without mirror, and you might find it difficult to imagine the room being complete. Mirrors happen to be one of the most easily available and affordable accessory for the house, yet the most luxurious ones too.   glass cut to size adelaide     At Seaton Glass, we offer a wide range of mirrors from large framed wall mirrors to round mirrors, contemporary mirrors and traditional mirrors that come in different styles and finishes. Let me list a few advantages of using these mirrors:    
  1. Reflecting Light– Mirrors placed carefully can enhance the brightness in the home. Mirrors can reflect natural sunlight or man-made light such as lamps, candles or chandeliers. This would allow you to save on the electricity bill and make the room look more airy.
  2. Illusion of space– This is one of the most vital reason why people install large mirrors in their tiny homes. The larger the mirror, the more spacious the room appears. Even small, wall hanging mirrors could create an illusion of more space in a narrow hallway.
  3. D?cor– If you do not want to spend much on floor length mirrors, you can always buy small mirrors and group them together in the same place on a wall. You can use various coloured frames, modern or vintage, according to your preference to add a touch of class to the d?cor.
  4. Hide Imperfections– paintings or other wall decorations might look out of place when you try to cover up any scuffs, bumps or discoloured paint, but mirror would hide it without making the wall look imperfect. Large mirrors can cover those big unsightly wall area and make it look even more spacious.
  5. Reflecting personal image– Let?s not forget the most basic function that mirrors serve in our homes is that of reflecting our images. The last thing we do whenever we leave the house or every time we have to fix the tie and hair is check ourselves in the mirror.
  Mirrors complete the look of a room, and so to transform your home or business space, contact the experts and find out more about customized mirror installation.