Uses of Glass

Flat glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, patterned glass, mirrored glass and coated glass are a few varieties of glass used in large industrial designs to basic domestic windows. Glass application has always been preferred and is gaining more and more popularity in today?s manufacturing and construction business. Application of glass has an imperative role in both the internal and external design of the building. Not only does the glass provide a better and clean look to the room, but it also looks stylish and can be modified according to the customer?s needs. Below mentioned are a few uses and application of glass in our daily life that might go unnoticed at times:
  • Glass Balustrades?– At Seaton Glass, we use glass balustrades for pool fencing, balconies and other fencing applications. Glass balustrades help provide a barrier with minimum framing or as a freestanding system too. Glass balustrades can also be used more innovatively to provide unlimited design possibilities for glass staircases and footbridges.
  • Shower Screens?– From clear glass to acid etched glass, sliding to hinged shower screens, or frame to frameless, Seaton Glass provides customers with the custom-made shower screens. The biggest advantage of having shower screens in the bathroom is that of the ease when it comes to cleaning it.
  • Partition Wall?– Instead of using curtains or doors, more and more people are installing glass partition wall in their living rooms to create separate living areas meanwhile maintaining the overall feel of the space. You can pick from opaque, coloured or frosted toughened or laminated safety glass for the partition wall, which will also maximize light infiltration into the living room.
  • Glass Mirrors?– Ranging from small bathroom mirrors to full-length wardrobe mirrors, we also provide a large selection of framed wall mirrors as well. Glass mirrors enhance the surrounding space by adding light and a sense of style. With the right kind of lightening that reflects on the glass mirrors, it can bring about life to the room. As for the full-length wardrobe mirrors, you can also use it as sliding wardrobe doors as it add to the sense of space in your bedroom.
  • Double glazed glass?– Double glazed units or Insulated glass units (IGU) provide thermal insulation by reducing the amount of heat that travels through when used in windows. Due to this benefit of reducing the need for air conditioning and heating, it helps you in saving money on your electricity bill.
Since 1990s, we have been endlessly providing high quality glass to domestic and commercial users with the help of our experts? team. Therefore, no matter what your requirements or queries, consult our team today and we would be happy to help you.