New at Seaton: Engraved Giftware

Search for the perfect gift
At several points in time, you come across life’s biggest challenges- finding the perfect gift for your close friend, family or the special someone. People scratch their brains out thinking for the best gift in the world, and more often than not end up giving up the search only to settle for the ordinary gift articles. But fret not, we see the crisis, we used our best resources and we came up with a solution that will fit the definition of “most thoughtful gift in the world”.
Engraved giftware
Gifting usually includes wrapping an article along with a note that has a few words of love. But what if you could write the note on the article and wrap the combination? Sounds innovative, looks super creative and couldn?t better express elegance with emotions! At Seaton, we have introduced the concept on engraving on glass. This implies you can practically sketch on the glass whichever way best suits your choice and personality.  
Design your ideal definition of gift
Let’s widen the concept- not only can you opt for engraving a design, a picture outline or a chain of thoughts, you can also choose the shape, size and structure of the glass! So, basically you can even create a wall painting/carving or can present a memento or showpiece or probably design kitchenware like glasses and plates! The scope of innovation for ‘engraved glass’ is endless and the possibilities are versatile.
Seaton Glass giftware solutions
Seaton glass specializes in high quality glass-design manufacturing and excels in the creation of neat and attractive glass-made furniture and artifacts. Our company not only focuses on home or office furniture requirements but also includes creating imaginative glass-based articles and furniture for the curious mind. Their creations involve glass splashbacks, leadlights, printed glass, giftware etc.