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6 Helpful Pool Maintenance Tips

If you are a proud owner of a swimming pool in the backyard of your house, here are some tips that could help you maintain it in a better way. To keep your pool sparkling clean, inviting and ready for use, regular and routine care is advised. Even if you employ Service Company to take care of your pool, we all know there are still a few things that you need to ensure to keep your pool pristine. Here are a few pool maintenance tips:Glass Etching Adelaide
    1. The most visible dirt caused in the pool is that of the leaves, insects and any other debris that floats on the surface of the pool. Using a long handled skimmer to remove it would help increase the efficiency of the pool’s water circulation system. Skimming is a daily job.
  1. The three kinds of pool filters- cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth, help keep the pool debris free. All the filters require different cleaning and maintenance procedures periodically.
  1. Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature have a major impact on the water loss in the pool. Pool skimmer can be used best when the water level is between one third and one-half the way up the opening of the pool skimmer.
  1. Introducing glass fencing around the pool enhances the look of the pool drastically. Not only is it safe, but it also adds to the appearance of the pool which gives a better view of and from the pool. We specialize in a wide range of pool fencing services, which include high quality rails, posts and spigots that are used to accentuate the look.
  1. A tennis ball can come in handy when you want to remove the substances left behind in the pool due to suntan lotion applied by the swimmers. The fibers in the tennis pool absorb those extra oil and chemicals from the pool, making it more hygienic and clean.
  1. Maintaining the alkalinity of the pool is of utmost importance. So instead of purchasing costly chemical products, baking soda from the pantry could do the job. Sodium bicarbonate can also be bought but baking soda is easily available in any grocery store or kitchen. Baking soda can work as the alkalinity increaser, thereby maintaining the optimum pH level of water in the pool.
Do you have any other ways that you use to keep your pools clean? Send us a message on Facebook to have your tips added to this section. If you are in search for handing out a contract to a service company, you might want to consider Seaton Glass maintain your pool in an efficient and effective way.