Are you aware of these pool fencing laws in Australia?

271 People drowned in Australian Waterways in the 2014/2015 financial year – Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report Drowning has been a major issue in Australia and with so many tragedies being recorded, the lifesaving authorities are taking action, leading to positive developments on drowning death rates in the Country such as the fact that less number of under five children are now drowning in swimming pools. According to NSW Government Fair Trading, inadequate pool fencing is a major cause of drowning among children under the age of 5. Thus, it is important to understand the laws when you have a pool area around your home or property. Before you install your fencing, consider when your pool was built The requirements of a pool fencing differ according to when your pool was built. Laws vary according to various terms. Know the year and what laws affect you when installing fencing around your pool. Where your pool is located. Location matters! Know about the laws for where your pool is located in terms of whether it?s in a small or large property or at a waterfront. Know the fencing requirements When installing pool fencing at your pool area, there are certain laws that you need to know to make sure you install the right fencing that abides by the law. This is to make sure that children do not climb over the fence or get stuck between the fence. The pool fence should well be over a certain height that children cannot climb over, have minimum sized gaps or spaces to prevent children from going through.

Pools have been the leading cause of death of children aged between 1 – 3 years

Cut to Size Glass Adelaide Doors & Windows in pool barriers Pool fencing that has doors and windows need to also abide by laws. Doors should self close, self latch of be of certain heights. Windows should have locking devices and security screens for safety. Maintaining the pool fence It is important to maintain a pool fence once installed. Maintain the doors, windows, gate and the entire fence to prevent faults, which could lead to children being affected. Make sure bolts, screws and fasteners are tight and well lubricated. Be safety conscious always. Ensure there is safety around every property to prevent any risks. Know more about right here or get in touch with a glass pool fencing expert at Seaton Glass.