Pros of Installing Frameless Shower Screens

If you are planning to construct a new bathroom or redecorate one, consider the following benefits of installing frameless shower screens before deciding how you want to enclose your shower.
      1. Attractive– Glass shower screens make the bathroom appear more spacious and polished as they allow shower tile design elements to pop. Glass screens are sleek and don?t look bulky like framed shower doors which are covered in rubber or metal to seal around the edges.Kitchen Splashbacks Adelaide
  1. Customized– customization is one of the biggest advantages of installing frameless glass shower screens compared to mass-produced shower doors with a standard size. In fact, it is even better than the shower curtains, which is limited to certain size and design only. This is particularly beneficial in bathrooms with renovated showers, as the showers might not be designed with the rest of the bathroom and have awkward space. The contractor can take it into consideration and design the shower screen accordingly.
  2. Desirable– Frameless shower screens bring about a sense of modern, classy look to the bathroom making it enticing for the homeowners to be in the bathroom.
  3. Durable– Not only are frameless shower screens scratch resistant, they are also shatter resistant as well. The glass used for making the shower screens undergo a prolonged process of tempering and treatment to strengthen it.
  4. Low maintenance– Compared to framed shower screens and shower curtains, frameless shower screens require no maintenance except for cleaning required removing water spots ansoaping residue. Framed shower screens eventually lead to water build up underneath the door?s seal and shower curtains also accumulate mold and mildew, when not taken care of.
  5. Illusion of space– When you hang a shower curtain in your bathroom, it creates a barrier that makes the room look smaller. But when you install frameless glass shower screen, the light can reflect easily and make the room appear more spacious. It gives a neat and clean look to the bathroom overall.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Glass Splashbacks Adelaide
  6. Versatile– Seaton Glass has a wide range of options of glass shower screens that you can choose from to integrate it into your bathroom space.
We, at Seaton Glass, are pioneers at providing and installing Frameless Glass Shower Screens. Visit our workshop or contact us and send in your requirements. Our expert contractors would assess the layout of your bathroom and come up with an optimal design for your next bathroom project.