Kitchen Splashbacks

Tips to style up your kitchen

A lot can be said about homeowners by just looking at the kitchen. The kitchen is an integral part of the home and with careful planning; you can have a beautiful and functional kitchen. Let?s list a few tips that would help you design your kitchen in a better way: Printed Glass Splashbacks Adelaide
  • Colorful walls- People usually end up having the same color painted on all the walls of the kitchen. Instead, experiment one of the kitchen walls with a bright color like yellow, orange or blue. There are so many nuances of colors when it comes to paints now, so try to figure out the most ideal and personal favorite color that goes on the wall. One of the other unique, yet very useful idea is that of painting a wall- that is most accessible and has blank space-with blackboard paint. You can leave cool messages for your family there, list down groceries to purchase, scribble recipes of any new food items. Doing this adds a personal touch to the kitchen, meanwhile, using up a blank space.
  • Plant pots- This is one of the most famous upcoming trend, which is also very good for the environment. The most optimal use of a kitchen window would be putting a couple of pots and growing plants in it. Wondering what plants to grow in the kitchen? Herbs like thyme, mint, basil, chilies etc. are not only easy to grow but you also get a fresh produce of herbs, which adds to the flavor of the food. The bright colored plants would be present a vibrant look of the kitchen window.
  • Arrange the wall space- With small kitchens, putting away non-stackable utensils are an issue. Nail in some hooks and handles on free wall space or suspend a rod from the ceiling. By using either of the above, you can hang regularly used pans and mugs, oven gloves and measuring spoons on the wall, which would eventually save you some extra space in the cabinets.
  • Multi-functional island- When it comes to Kitchen Island, the adequate space can be used effectively in various ways. You can never go wrong with adding fresh flower vase as a centerpiece there or a scented candle jar. Arranging a snack bar with high-rise stools as an after-school spot for the kids would also be a good utilization of the space.
  • Colorful glass splashback- Adding colorful glass splashbacks on the cooking range walls or kitchen cabinets would make the kitchen area look more glamorous and fresh. The biggest advantage of using glass splashbacks are that the cleaning and maintenance is very easy since no one wants to rub the splatters of curries and food particles on the wall after making it on the kitchen stove.
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